Solstice 6-21-23 – Registration



Zero Point Field Of Harmony & Balance
Unification & Balance of Cosmic/Solar/Soular Ascension Codes.


Date: Wednesday June 21, 2023
Time: 11:00AM PT/12:00 MTN/1:00 CT/2:00 ET.



Zoom Replay Available 2 Hours After Event


For months we have been swimming in the waters of Ascension as the Solar, Soulular and Cosmic Codes of New Life have rained upon us, in us and through us. The elevated and quickened frequencies continue as we head into Solstice, as do the continued opportunities for mass awakenings and realm shifts through Multi-dimensional Embodied Enlightenment, Internal Unity and Quantum Love.

Solstice gives us an opportunity to enter a beautiful zero-point field to merge, harmonize and balance all that has been swiftly given into a peaceful body of Love as new Light bathes and refreshes preparing us for further quickening’s and embarking on new creations.

On this day, the demands for evolution shall quiet and soften us as ‘Words of Wisdom and Frequencies of Love’ quietly activates and assists each to further dissolve what no longer serves the field of each one’s ascension.

Stillness then offers each the opportunity for restoration, to align with Higher Realms of one’s own Consciousness, unite more deeply with one’s Heart, prepare each to go forward more peacefully and harmoniously and together, lovingly flow our love and compassion into the Heart of the entire collective and all sentient beings on Earth.


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