Solstice 2022 – Registration




Peaceful, Balanced, Heart-Centered Illumination



Image created by Keith Allen Kay


Date: Tuesday June 21, 2022
Time: 11:00AM PST/12:00 MTN/1:00 CST/2:00 EST.



Replay & MP3 Available 2 Hours Following Event


Solstice, by its very nature offers us so much if we partake of it in full consciousness. There is a Divine Rhythm to it calling us to honor the Light within, to receive nourishment, balance, peaceful illumination and a sense of new beginnings that is unique to each one of us.

This particular Solstice calls us more ardently to place ourselves in the Center of our Hearts together to amplify LOVE, to quiet the mind storms, neutralize the doubts and fears… consciously calm the knee jerk reactions and emotions that vibrate from the collective through the atmosphere and land in our field. To connect, as well, to Infinite Consciousness and receive peaceful answers from our Higher Self and Soul.

Our Hearts are a perfectly balanced Illumination Field through which great Wisdom flows. My guidance was to create a space in which All Hearts shall have a greater opportunity to receive what is given from within and receive more deeply with an open heart what is given from Above.


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