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Thank you for joining me in a fresh new evolutionary approach dedicated to expanding and aligning you with what is soon to be your “new life.”

Thrive promises to elevate, inspire and empower every person listening and participating to be a catalyst for their own emerging magnificence.

You will soon discover that Thrive is not your typical “let’s do an interview” radio show.

Expect the unexpected, and…

Expect To Thrive!

“Maureen Moss has a rare and special gift that few hosts have. She has the ability of turning each show into a rich captivating experience that makes the listener feel intimately connected. My experience of Maureen Moss is as a powerful being in devotional service of the highest order.”
– Simran Singh
Founder 11:11 Magazine – Author – Humanitarian – Rebel

Intro music: “It All Comes Down To Love”
Written and sung by: Gina Citoli
Produced by: Barry Goldsten

Brand New Conversations Coming Soon…Stay Tuned.


Tom Kenyon


Guest: Tom Kenyon

Listen Now: 

It is always my pleasure to have a conversation with Tom Kenyon. Why? Because there is nothing typical about the man nor the content.

Tonight is an important conversation that involves you, if you so desire to accept the invitation.

Tonight we are talking about the Nature of Angels (however this will be a conversation you haven’t heard before.) We will be talking about the Table of Destiny (therein lies your invitation,) the ecosystem that is dire in straits….(the first hand information Tom delivers will undoubtedly shock a lot of people and open a lot of eyes.) And then there’s some information you may wish to hear about the whales, their song of lament, and your consciousness.

At the end of our conversation will be a 12 minute very important sound healing.

Most of you know Tom Kenyon, however rather than offer you his bio (which you can read at I will simply say he is one of the worlds foremost respected sound healers, the channel for the Hathors, an ascended civilization that brings forth information and sound frequencies through Tom not delivered by any other.

Tom leaves one with not only a vast body of knowledge suffused with tones that awaken every physical center in you, you will find yourself leaving with a far greater understanding of the worlds, of Spirit, of yourself.


Lee Harris
Energy Speaks Volume 2


Guest: Lee Harris and the Z’s

Listen Now: 


Best-selling author of Energy Speaks and Energy Speaks Volume 2, Lee Harris may be best known for his internationally acclaimed Energy Forecasts, his pure channeling of the beautiful group “The Z’s” and as a sound healer.

Lee is one of my favorite guests (and friends) for so many reasons, though none more prominent than his consistent authentic nature, the deep wisdom and vulnerability that springs forth in any conversation we have on or off air and his deep reverence for humanities well being.

Lee and I decided we were going to be quite spontaneous tonight, though no doubt we will cover both Lee’s and the Z’s broader perspective on living and thriving as a human on Planet Earth at this time of great transition and a topic that no doubt we all could use a bit of help with…”The Art of Receiving.”

This night will be, as one of his readers wrote, full of truths that activate the Soul. We look forward to your joining us.

Meg Blackburn Losey, PhD
The Children of Now Evolution


Guest: Meg Blackburn Losey, PhD

Listen Now: 

Humanity is in a fast forward stage of evolution. For the past several decades, children are being born into our world that will change the trajectory of this Planet forevermore. Who are these amazing children and why are they here? Where did they come from, who were they in their past lives, and how is it they have direct and natural healing abilities as well as confusion about what feelings belong to them and what belongs to others?

In this conversation tonight, in a follow-up to her best-selling book The Children of Now, Meg and I will be talking about these spectacular children.

Tonight we will talk about:

What is the magic these children carry who naturally embody unconditional love and the crystal clear foresight to see a new future?

Where did they come from and why did they choose to incarnate here and now?

How do their minds work?

What they wish for us to deeply understand about their sensitivities, drugs they are being given, GMO in our foods and their different physiology so we can uplift and support their presence and what they are here to gift us and this planet with.

And, about the changes we can expect within our DNA and what that means for our future lives…and much much more.

This will be a conversation not of theory but concrete information you won’t want to miss.

Nicolas David Ngan


Guest: Nicolas David Ngan

Listen Now: 

My guest tonight Nicolas David Ngan is making an impact around the world with his best-selling book “Your Soul Contract: Discovering The Spiritual Map of Your Life.

Not many of us know that our souls actually have a code, and to know that code is to unlock many mysteries about ourselves and help ourselves make sense of our own lives as well as to work more harmoniously with our souls.

When I met Nicolas I was fascinated, not only by his work of decoding the soul, but by the very fact that it was Moses that transmitted the information to unlock the codes of the Soul. Nicolas, together with his partner Dr. Ahlmeriah Ariel Hallaire furthered this powerful and profound body of Soul Contract decoding work at the Center For Conscious Ascension in the UK.

If you want to know more about your soul contract and how it can be decoded and changed during the course of your life, join us for this conversation tonight.

Tom Kenyon


Guest: Tom Kenyon

Listen Now: 

Perhaps known best for his impeccable transmissions of “The Hathors,” his globally renowned sound-healing teachings, and the five major systems of transformation, as well as the author of several critically acclaimed books including, Brain States, The Hathor Material, The Magdalene Manuscript (co-authored with wife Judi Sion,) and The Arcturian Anthology, Tom Kenyon now brings us the brilliant and powerful movie Song Of The New Earth proving that sound not only promotes powerful healing for ourselves but for our Planet Earth.

Filmed around the world, from the San Juan Island to Tibetan nunneries in the Himalayas, from cathedrals and mysterious caves in southern France, to the symphony halls of Vienna Song Of The New Earth profiles the ardent quest of sound healer, psychotherapist and sonic shaman Tom Kenyon journey to integrate modern science and ancient mysticism through the power of sound. His rare ability to brilliantly decipher the healing science of sound, as it relates to our Earth results in a mesmerizing, and transformational, (and humorous as only Tom can do it) documentary feature film.

Not only will we have a powerful conversation tonight about the New Earth, sound and the transformational effects it is having on our Beloved Mother Earth and you, you will also be blessed to hear a portion of, what brought me to tears, “Song To Gaia,” as it was given and then chanted by Tom (full CD available on the CD Atheos at

Kumari Mullin


Guest: Kumari Mullin

Listen Now: 

As a former host of the “World Puja Network,” host of “How To Heal Anything Live,” and my trusted animal communicator, along with many world wide, internationally acclaimed intuitive healer, coach, globally acclaimed author, creator of the groundbreaking “Divine Human” self-study program and animal mystic Kumari Mullin joins me tonight for a different and deeper conversation about communicating with your precious pets/animals, at soul level.

Kumari’s mission is to inspire awareness and compassion through exploring the human/animal spiritual/soul connection so you are able to amplify and deepen your soul connection with each of your animals.

Kumari’s work is disarmingly potent and magical. She has facilitated thousands of people and their animal friends (family) achieve profound transformations including veterinarians, trainers, breeders, holistic practitioners, rescue organizations and even zoos.

Snuggle up with your animals and join us for a compelling soul level conversation tonight.

Simran Singh


Guest: Simran Singh

Listen Now: 

After her 66 city tour, her Ted Talk, two books (with a third on the way) and a few radio and television stops, my good friend and soul sister, Simran Singh and I felt it a good idea to have a new, fresh on air conversation with you.

The times we are experiencing right now almost defy words at this point. For most, our personal worlds are behind us and that which seemingly empowered us and seemingly brought us joy, now operates in reverse. Now what?

That’s what Simran and I will talk about tonight, the now what, and how to of landing lit up, upright and happy in the new land of the Divine New Human.

In our usual candor and vulnerability we will talk about motives, intentions, why “should” is blocked from 5D reality, manifestation, being a creative rebel, and Thriving, (none of which are based on the 3D version of operation.)

No doubt we’ll open some hearts, eyes, and minds as we help you sail your ship into your new reality.

Panache Desai


Guest: Panache Desai

Listen Now: 

Everyone from Oprah to Arianna Huffington are talking about this electrifying, heartful man along with his heading up toward being a New York Times Best Selling New Book, “Discovering Your Soul Signature.”

Tonight, in my never typical conversation with Panache, we’re focusing on banishing grief, self-sabotage, suffering, sadness, and self-limiting beliefs, and in their place giving you an actionable plan for your Happiness, Joy, Passion, and Purpose to be seeded, grow and flourish as a result of.

If you’re ready, really ready to make a change, “Thrive” is the place to instigate change, and Panache is one heck of a catalyst to empower you in the most loving of ways to do so.

You’ll feel a lot better after this conversation. Guaranteed!

Maureen Moss

Sandie Sedgbeer

Simran Singh

Lenedra Carroll

Juliete Butters Doty  


Guests: Hosted by Maureen Moss and joined by Simran Singh, Sandra Sedgbeer, Lenedra Carroll, and Juliete Butters Doty

Listen Now: 

In another roundtable conversation, the rebel for change, 2-time author, founder of the 11:11 Magazine and humanitarian Simran Singh, along with journalist, author, radio talk show host, Sandra Sedgbeer, Juliet Butters Doty, globally renowned as an unwinder of the Soul with piercing sight into the Soul’s electromagnetic field, and Lenedra Carroll, award-winning author of “The Architect of Abundance,” seen on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, CBS this morning, and in People Magazine, join me for quite the enlightening conversation.

There is a formula for how a Powerful Human Awakens, and tonight we are giving it out.


Drunvalo Melchizedek


Guest: Drunvalo Melchizedek

Listen Now: 

I have known Drunvalo for more than 2 decades. His 5 best-selling books from “The Ancient Secrets of The Flower of Life,” to “Living In The Heart”, “The Serpent of Light” and “The Mayan Ourobous: The Cosmic Cycles Come Full Circle,” along with his tireless global teachings have given those who consciously choose to reside in the 5th dimension both the knowledge and pathways to do so.

Tonight Drunvalo and I will talk about:

  • How you can quietly move out of your mind and into your heart.
  • How you can create the life you prefer from your heart.
  • The three levels that must be mastered to experience the full possibilities of your human potential

…and much, much more.

Tonight provides you with another opportunity to know a potent way for you Thrive in the New World.

Geoffrey Hoppe


Guest: Geoffrey Hoppe/Adamus Saint Germain

Listen Now: 

I heard Geoffrey Hoppe or perhaps I ought to say Adamus St. Germain (a spiritual Master of Ancient Wisdom,) talking about the Year 2014 as the “Year of Tough Love,” during a brilliant live stream event, ProGnost.

Over the last few months, I have come to know Geoffrey, the deeply caring humanitarian who went from being a highly successful business man, to a man who followed the proverbial dots into his prominent mission in the world; to awaken humanity through the messages and teachings of the Masters Tobias and Adamus Saint-Germain. (I have also come to know Adamus, a brilliant, though slightly irreverent Master.) Both, the real deal.

Geoffrey and his wife Linda formed the Crimson Circle in 1999, a global entity committed to humanities awakening consciousness and have traveled over 1 million miles presenting the teachings of the Masters to tens of thousands of people worldwide.

Geoffrey/ Adamus St. Germain and I come together tonight in conversation about his take on the “Year of Tough Love,” and about relationships.

Maureen Moss

Barry Goldstein

Panache Desai



Guests: Maureen Moss, Panache Desai, Esateys, Barry Goldstein

Listen Now: 

2014 and going into 2015 will be the years that the New Human is more fully birthed along with the New World. A greater opportunity will be given to either fully awaken or sleep through the event we came to Life for.

There is no manual.

We are the Ones that generations to come will take their lead from.

We are the Ones that will interrupt the human natures pattern of surviving, persevering and struggling. With that said, how will we raise our consciousness and frequency high enough to make the great shift to thriving in every aspect of our lives-personal, relationship, business and service?

That is precisely what we will talk about tonight in this compelling round-table conversation. And, we will take your questions live.

Tonight you are invited to a powerful conversation!

Most of you know Panache Desai as one of Oprah Winfrey’s most respected guests on Super Soul Sunday. For many years I’ve known Panache to be a deeply authentic catalyst for the Divine. His efforts are tireless, compelling and electrifying as he reminds you of who you truly are, and what your purpose really is as he supports and guides you into self-love and acceptance by eradicating the judgment you’ve imposed on yourself. This is the basis for thriving.

Esateys is a visionary, entrepreneur, international speaker, author and global change agent. She’s an unstoppable woman on a mission to have YOU satisfy what is important to you, be it health, career, relationship or something else. Her Master-Mind teachings are vital as we enter into an era where we must master the mind in an entirely new way. Esateys is a co-founder of the “Ultimate Results Academy.”

Grammy award winner Barry Goldstein teaches people how to thrive through music, vibration and sound. He’s the Master of frequency and harmonics, a translator of Sacred Sound and has knows how to awaken your heart codes. Barry is called upon to participate in venues world-wide in both the medical and metaphysical world. His motivation for all of his work is to empower each to raise their frequency, align with the harmonics of their highest nature and to improve the over-all quality of life on an individual and global level.

Jeff Brown

Soulshaping: Grounding Your Spirituality In The New World


“Maureen, You rock! Thank you for all that you have done on this planet to pave the way for the rest of us”.

Treasure yourself, Jeff
Guest: Jeff Brown

60 Minutes, MP3

Listen Now: 

I discovered Jeff Brown, author, filmmaker and grounded spiritualist the way I’ve been told many have discovered me. I was led. I had no idea what a genuine treasure I had discovered, particularly since so many others had discovered him before me.

I hadn’t heard him on CBS, ABC, nor heard him read on Good Morning America nor had I read his writings in the Washington Post.

At the time I hadn’t seen the unforgettable documentary Karmageddon The Movie nor had I read his brilliant books SoulShaping, or Ascending With Both Feet On The Ground. I have now.

From criminal lawyer to global treasure, Jeff Brown is the real deal.

While apprenticing with a famous criminal lawyer, Jeff’s lifelong dream to practice criminal law was stopped by a little voice inside of him saying, “stop just stop.”

He went inside, surrendered to the “School of Hard Knocks,” including being homeless, and he and his destiny met. The world embraced him with a profound and often serendipitous response.

His blog titled Apologies to the Divine Feminine-From A Warrior in Transition went viral on Facebook and was read and celebrated by hundreds of thousands of people world-wide, including Ram Dass, Elizabeth Lesser, Katherine Woodward Thomas and more.

When I contacted Jeff, our rapport was immediate and I knew the Thrive audience would love him. And then, when his closing in an Email to me was “Treasure Yourself,” I was reconfirmed, again.

Join us live as the lighthearted, turns into the profound that then turns into an awakening for you!

Another avenue for you to Thrive on.

Lee Harris
Energy Speaks


Guest: Lee Harris

60 Minutes, MP3

Listen Now: 

I couldn’t consider anyone other than Lee Harris to talk about what is clearly on so many people’s minds.

What in the world is happening in 2013 and going forward? Tonight we will find out.

In my 3 decades in radio, both as the owner of The World Puja Network and radio host, I have never hosted a channel. Lee Harris is an exception. He is an exceptional, impeccable, globally acclaimed channel of the Z’s, and a brilliant Master of energy with a keen awareness about the new paradigm and what it holds for humanity.

Lee has a profound understanding of human dynamics and emotions, coupled with the knowledge of the world of energy.

Lee and I, along with the Z’s discuss what we can expect not only in the month of July but through 2050.

Wait until you hear the Z’s conversation with you directly!

We will also talk about:

  • Abundance
  • Health in the Golden Age
  • Life in the higher dimensions
  • What potentials your future holds and how you can THRIVE.

Come meet this gentle but powerful catalyst of change and wisdom and the Z’s.

Simran Singh
Conversations With The Universe

Conversations With The Universe

Guest: Simran Singh

60 Minutes, MP3

Listen Now: 

This conversation with Simran Singh, author of Conversations With The Universe, founder of 11:11 magazine, international radio host, visionary, and keynote speaker is going to change the trajectory of your life.

If you think the Universe isn’t guiding you, you couldn’t be more mistaken. If you don’t want to miss the Destiny of your life, or be in clear, guided conversation with the One who will lead you there, don’t miss this interview! Amazing!

From Colette Baron-Reid: “Conversations With The Universe reveals soulful wisdom regarding how Spirit uses a multitude of signs and symbols to continually guide us.”

Simran not only walks her talk; she lives a life that proves it.