Soul Connection





Soul Connection

The Experiential Journey

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Artist: Keith Allen Kay


You begin and end with your Soul.

Its love for you is unmatched.

It is your Beloved and your Beloved is you.

It is time now to make that connection.


There is no other Intelligent Agent on behalf of God…of Divinity… that exists in your existence as your existence.

There is no other aspect of you capable of accelerating your DNA, raising your frequency or leading you to your Truly Created Life… Destiny… while on Earth.

And there is no other aspect of you capable of shedding Light on the imposters living within you and setting you on a path to your Freedom.

In this dynamic time in our evolution we all need our Beloved, our best friend, the One who has our back and our front.

Soul Connection helps you connect with the Love of Your Life.

Testimonials From Those Having Had The Experience

Evolutionary. Maureen Moss is amazing in her living, her teaching and her passion to empower others to “get it.” Soul Connection presented multi-dimensional principals and made them user friendly for daily practice.
—Renee Morgan Brooks

“This was amazing. I’m blown away by what came through in the journey in Session 3. The goose bumps continued this morning in meditation.”
—Linda Nickerson Hicks

I Am My Soul and My Soul is Me. God bless you Maureen for connecting the dots.”
—Stephanie Crist

“You expressed so much to us including the message from Anna Grandmother of Jesus about what will occur once we form the ladder from our lower self to Soul. As I sat in the silence for a long time after that Inspirational Transmission and allowed it to fasten to my feelings, as you asked us to do… my Soul began dancing with the All of Me! Magnificent.
—Suzanne Shafriz

“Every session offered me abundantly. Listening to every word spoken brought forth so much peace and resonance. I had been feeling, for weeks, as though there was going to be a reunion with the closest, dearest, loving friend I have. There was.
—Silvia Avedikian

Thank you for this amazing series you just blessed me and so many with. I don’t feel I could have made it through this last part had it not been for you.
—Jan Deeter

Open Your Heart, Connect and Welcome All of Yourself Home.

The rich and vast content of multi-dimensional wisdom contained within these sessions will change your life.


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