Equinox 3-20-2022 – Registration





An Epic Zero Point Opportunity

To Birth New Life Changes

Wisdom, Activations, Integration, Balance

Date: Sunday, 3-20-2022
Time: 11:00AM PT/12:00PM MTN/1:00PM CT/2:00PM ET.




The zero-point field of Equinox (and the days going forward,) gifts us a Colossal Opportunity to crack the code that enslaves humanity…to make personal new decisions…to consciously re-enter the Mothers Womb of Creation… to experience the tsunami of energy being sent down the umbilical cord to We, the I AM Children of God… and to absorb the Christed Feminine Masculine Consciouness of One Love awaiting our acceptance.

Against a back-drop of a completely other reality of purpose driven fear, extremely challenging, of biblical proportion times, humanity is at a crossroads. Decisions will have to be made to pick one Reality to engage in. It is a decision we were always going to confront in accordance to our Souls Plan and the Divine Mothers Immaculate Concept.

It was the Divine Plan for each one of us prepared, at the most daunting of times on Earth to make a quantum leap and leave the pack for your Freedom and the God Given Plenty that awaits you.

On this Day in this zero-point field you will have an opportunity to embrace your Magnificent Light and Be still and know for yourself in your Heart how best to serve your Soul, Humanity and this Planet. I can assure you We Will Be supported, embraced and Activated by not only Yeshua and Mary Magdalene and the Great Mother, though surrounded by the Sirians and the Glorious Royal Lions. (They are very much a part of this Epic uprising in Human Consciousness.)

I look forward to BEing with as many of you that feel called to join us.



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