Equinox 2023 – Registration



A Time of Balance, Harmony and Grace
Wisdom, Peaceful Activations & Meditation


Date: Saturday, September 23, 2023
Time: 11:00AM PT/12:00 MTN/1:00 CT/2:00 ET.


Vimeo Replay 2 Hours After Event


The balance of Equinox comes in the midst of the night on the 22nd in the Northern Hemisphere and continues it’s peaceful convergence between light and dark through the 24th of September. Thus we meet in the middle on the 23rd with All worldwide. This is a Powerful Healing Equinox of convergence, union, harmony, grace and much needed frequency balance.

The Equinox is often referred to as the ‘Great Turning of the Wheel.’ It is the cosmic pause between past and future providing a powerful Gateway to move through, recalibrate and step into a fresh new start that is frequency specific to a New Reality.

Throughout these past many months we have gone through profound changes as we were barraged with high frequencies that have both leveled us up and exhausted us. We have felt the Highs and Lows of closing down an era of Human Life.

The living energy of Equinox provides us the nourishing, peaceful, balanced opportunity to come together in a zero-point field to initiate new intentions, make new choices, unify our Divine internal alignments and begin in peaceful earnest a new life…a life of self perpetuating Balance and Internal Peace as we birth a new world together and deepen our relationship with a New Reality.

Gathered as a Chalice of One Love we shall be lifted, connected, balanced and bathed in Graceful frequencies and Love pouring through this Equinox Gateway. St. Germaine describes this time as “a time wherein the Heavens of Earth and the Heavens of other realms intersect making Divinity a more felt experience. “


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