Amplifying the Frequency of the Heart – Registration



Amplifying the Frequency of the Heart
Transmission, Dispensation & Activations
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Date: Saturday, April 15, 2023
Time: 11:00AM PT/12:00 MTN/1:00 CT/2:00 ET.



Zoom Replay 2 Hours After Event


The Frequency of the Universe Lives in the Center of Your Heart. Once in alignment with it and emitting your True Frequency everything changes.

In order for us to sustain Higher Consciousness… to manifest the dreams of our Heart, stabilize peace, and experience true unconditioned Love and Unity both here on Earth and in multi-dimensions we must raise the frequency and vibration of our Heart.

The Planetary alignments and High Heavenly Realms in this Now are assisting us to coherently upgrade and expand our frequency of Consciousness and Levels of Heart Love that we may organically be able to accelerate the shift to New Earth exponentially.

Everything we Be and do now and going forward must have its origins in the frequency of Love or it shall have no like magnetics to attach to and fail.

This Gathering is intended to assist the frequency of the Heart to rise and further assist in dissolving that which is misaligned, archaic and false lingering in the heart… thus blocking one’s organic Holy and Sacred Ascension.