777 – Registration



Master Gateway of Illumination From Source & Sirius
Transmission, Activations, Meditation


Date: Friday, July 7, 2023
Time: 11:00AM PT/12:00 MTN/1:00 CT/2:00 ET.


Vimeo Replay Available 2 Hours After Event


The pivotal Solstice was a significant turning point and unifying force for Love. For many the chapter of duality closed. Ties were cut with the false Matrix and many merged with their Christed High Heart & Higher Selves… now taking over.

Now we walk through the next and most Powerful Master Gateway on the 777. On each 7-7 Gateway there is first and foremost a deeper bridging of Eternal Divine Union into the collective consciousness of humanity.

This Gateway prior to the 8-8 Lions Gate adds additional emphasis on re-routing the former system of Being and the Union within each One on every level above and below. This is crucial for each to ready themselves to unite with ones Higher Life Purpose and make stable… Internal Consistent Coherence, Illuminated Christed Heart, Higher Self Presence and Unity Consciousness.

On This Day…

The Illuminating Diamond Light Frequencies and Diamond Life Frequencies shall pour in directly from Source assisting each to merge with their True Undivided Presence, amplify their Diamond Lightbodies, unleash Greater Powers of Creation and be more able to reunite heart to heart with I Am as I Am.

The time has come to identify ourSelf in certainty and know ourSelves as the Divine Physical Presence of God.

As well this is a Sirian Gateway. Sirian Codes of Cosmic Multi-dimensional Union shall pour forth and lock hearts with each as the Sirian Masters deliver code and cohesion to unlock the separation between our physical being and Higher Self, Star-Light Being and our Star Families. All Conscious Life radiates from Oneness…first with Self.

We are in for a New Adventure of Life. First Reclamation…next Freedom From the Known…and then, FREEDOM. This 777 presents another significant opportunity to make a realm shift prior to meeting up with the Lions Gate.


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