11:11 A Journey of Acceleration and Preparation for the Upcoming Quantum Leap – Registration




A Journey of Acceleration and Preparation for the Upcoming
Quantum Leap

Date: Wednesday November 11, 2020
Time: 11:00AM PST/12:00 MTN/1:00 CST/2:00 EST.
Price: $22.00


Replay Available Following Event
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The 11:11 Gateway is a high vibrational portal… a crack between worlds… to Divine Love, Cosmic Consciousness/Wisdom and New Beginnings.

The energies and activations of the 11:11 Gateway we shall experience together, is the next greatly enhanced completion Gateway leading to the Quantum Leap in Consciousness likely to occur between Solstice on 12-21-20 and the end day of 2020.

Frequency alignment and union with this Gateway is essential to the unfolding of the next evolutionary level of your Life.

For many weeks I have been informed that vibrational frequencies and waves from all of the Star Nations and the Elohim, whose genetics are encoded and woven within our DNA, shall be amplified and flowing through this Gateway directly into each one, in preparation to Rise from the ethers and embers of physical life on Earth,” as Yeshua has shared.

During this Gathering We Shall Experience:

The frequencies and waves igniting our Multi-Dimensional Higher Consciousness, triggering our Soul purpose, triggering greater Cosmic memories, and further clearing our emotional bodies of pain and trauma.

We shall also consciously connect our energy centers and strengthen our bond with the Star Nations and Elohim to whom we are irrevocably linked.

Gathered as One Chalice of Love we shall utilize this Gateway to strengthen our relationship to our Sovereignty, our inherent Freedom and capability to be powerful forces for Change, for Love, for Unity, for Self-Governance, Union and Creation of New Earth.


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