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A Journey Into The Sirian Temples of Ascension
Activations of Unparalleled Importance

Potent and powerful!! I was stunned by it! Tears began flowing upon meeting the Royal Lions!

—Jacqueline Lingenfelter


It is from a deep heart connection with the Sirians along with a knowing via experience that the Sirians hold earth and humanity close to their Hearts and Soul. They have long taken our progression on Earth seriously and caution us, with Love, we must do everything in our power to not slip back into the fallen Matrix though to step courageously forward into our Leadership of a New Earth. 

In a state of Pure Consciousness they will escort us into a New Planetary Cycle…a New Time Spiral of Creation… and closer to the Stars.

—Maureen Moss


SIRIUS, the spectacular Star System… brilliant God/Dog Star is the home of Christ Consciousness…the home of the Royal Lions of Sirius… the place where the Blue-Light of Divine Creation has been anchored…is One with the Great Central Sun serving as the Headquarters/ Diamond Heart Center of Gods Golden Light… is associated with humanities liberation and ascension due to its potent influence on human consciousness…and a major Gateway Portal through which sacred Rays and specific Codes are transmitted to earth and humanity each year on the 8-8 with a different emphasis each year.

The Focus of this Ascension Gateway is:

  • Humanities Unity/Infinity Consciousness
  • Integrating Waves of Diamond Light & Diamond Water Codes for the New Diamond Body Template
  • Activating Lion Codes of Leadership for The New Earth Reality
  • Harmonizing the Heart Center with the Pulsating Cosmic Heart

Streaming from Sirius, the Blue Ray of the Will of God …amplifying the frequency of Unity (Infinity) Consciousness and of One Heart shall be powerfully activated in humanity… and into the 5D Grid.

The Golden Light Rays of The Christ Consciousness/ God’s Love, Light, Illumination and Truth shall surround our Planet and be transmitted into humanities DNA activating Transcendent Higher Light Codes for the Creation and Sustainability of a New Earth Reality.


On 8-8-18

We Are Etherically Going Directly Into The Sirian Temples Highly
Charged Field of Energy To Be Activated by Each and

  • Enter into Pure Consciousness.
  • Receive highly encoded Sirian Ascension Energies from the Star Masters.
  • Receive an activation of Power and Strength from the Royal Sirius Lions.
  • Calibrate your Light Body for Emergence into Galactic Co-Existence.
  • Receive a healing from the Diamond Light and Diamond Water Codes cleansing and purifying your physical bodies in preparation for the Diamond Body Template.
  • Merge into Unity/Infinity Consciousness.
  • Further initiate The Golden Age with Creator Love for All.
  • Anchor the Rays, Frequencies and Codes Into The Earth Grid.

Many Great Masters have been initiated by the Advanced Wisdom, and Frequencies of Sirius including Jesus, Thoth, Mary Magdalene, Lord Buddha, Osiris and Isis…

Now It Is Your Turn.



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