Moving through these evolutionary times our bodies require strengthening to hold the frequency of Light required to move into the 5th Dimension. Most also can use a financial boost.

After resisting anything more than trying this product after witnessing my soul sister Mary (an athlete and health and well-being activist,) achieve results in areas that went above and beyond and a Dr. friend of mine deep in the research field of anti-aging for over 30 years giving me his thumbs up, I tried it.

Entering into it because I had insomnia for most of my life…an elevated thyroid that no medications could resolve… an adrenal system that had long been on low… anxiety due to high cortisol and a few other things that naturally occur with age…I was blown away by the third week. (For some it takes longer.)

Now in my 4th month as of 5-18-19 I am in awe of a product for the first time in my life. (85% of my supplements are gone.)

By signaling the pituitary gland to wake up the human growth hormone safely, Somaderm HGH in tandem with transdermally utilizing the purest herbs, botanicals and glandulars in the gel to nourish and replenish All the organs, muscles, tissues, along with brain and bone regenesis, this homeopathic, Non-GMO product has been a Life Changer.

Adrenals has been a Huge difference. I thought I had become hyper at first and came to realize this was what Normal functioning adrenals feels like. Energy sustained.
Thyroid; I just had labs done…Thyroid normal!
Mental Clarity; Increased.
Insomnia; this usually is the first sign of its workings though it took taking care of my Adrenals and Thyroid first to finally breakthrough my insomnia is waning substantially. Now I’m catching up on years of sleep!
Anxiety from High Cortisol gone.
(more coming I’m sure.)

For the first time I am an activist for a pure, homeopathic, botanical Non-GMO, frequency specific product that I know by experience works in what I call Divine Right Order. And, the owners of the company are conscious, integral and heart based!

I could wax poetic as many do in their testimonials with astounding results from reversing early dementia, joint inflammation, hormonal balancing, chronic fatigue, depression, autism, bone loss and more.

There are lots of videos but the one below is my favorite (an hour in length,) because the info, ingredients & benefits are fully and completely explained by health specialists.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka calls the ingredients in Somaderm HGH “The Holy Trinity.” I call it a blessing.

If you would like further info for personal use and/or building a business contact Mary at [email protected] or Email me at [email protected]

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* One bottle lasts 2 months

** Currently only available in the U.S.