8-8-18 Lions Gate


Honoring The Sacred Honoring You



This is the first time I have offered transcriptions of any globally channeled, highly encoded, activated, transcendent event.

I was clearly guided to do so by my Higher Self.

Each time you read these words feel the mystical conversion taking place within you. Allow the high vibrational codes, activations, wisdom and energies into your heart, word by word, feeling for yourself the shift that instantly occurs in you.

Reading the spoken words and receiving the encodements and activations at your pace brings deeper feelings and awareness of your New Soul Purpose… your heightened value and worth… and very reason you came to Earth.

Allow these transcripts to become sacred text… a sacred word-by-word guide.

Read them when you feel called to daily raise your frequency, stabilize your new spiral of evolution, open your heart, expand your lightbody, shift your reality, illuminate your consciousness, (amplified with the streaming codes and directly channeled words from the live events)…and, to fully IGNITE your passion to create your New Reality and build the New World you carry within you.

*(If you missed the Live Sessions of either event below are the links to receive them. They are dynamic, fully active and meant to take you through 2019 and beyond in preparation for the 2020 transition.)


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