Activations, Immersions, Cosmic Wisdom & Integrations


Conversion Activations, Immersions, Cosmic Wisdom & Integrations.

The Series for Embodiment

Throughout this past take us to the Gateway of our new lives year, I was committed to activating, initiating, integrating, and bringing to Light the potential and the sacred in as many people across the globe as possible.

Long realizing that commitment without action is irrelevant, I brought forth 5 powerful events from August-May in tandem with Pure Undiluted God Source Energy, The Diamond Heart Center of the Milky Way Galaxy, Jeshua, The Divine Mother, The Aquamarine Ray-The Mother Of God Frequency, Anna Grandmother of Jeshua, and Archangel Metatron.

The vibrant and vibrating multi-dimensional energy remains alive and embedded eternally in each transmission. It is undeniable that a mystical conversion took place throughout every event.

It matters not when they came forth only that they were highly activated and amplified then…and are highly relevant now.

It matters not when you listen…only that you partake, connect, and unite as the active fields of Living Light and Pure Love clears you, awakens you, immerse themselves in you, activates new codes of Light, new levels of Love, and stirs UP your destiny… all for you to be prepared to usher in the great changes coming into your life this year and in preparation for the 2020 transition.

—Renee Morgan Brooks

Rich, Vast, Multidimensional, Personal
—Marcella Reinholdt


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