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Your Peace and Your Calm… and Morning Prayer

June 28, 2012

Dearest Hearts,

As always I pray you are well.

This month I decided to spend the Summer Solstice in a very sacred space for me, by the ocean. Though I was in the midst of some new creations for both The World Puja Network and myself, my Soul was clearly asking me to leave it, for now. For months my Soul felt restless, and immediately needed my full attention.

It has become abundantly clear that now more than ever, knowing the ways in which to honor our souls in each moment is tantamount to the new lives that lie ahead of us, and to our authentic journey Home. Nothing, absolutely nothing is more important. I have come to know that our Soul holds the true gifts that will lead us Home, not what we do.

We are on a journey Home and neither our work nor another can take us there. This is our authentic and Divine journey, and one we promised we would take with our full heart and conscious commitment. Each time we listen to our Soul speak, and act upon it we come closer to this attainment.

What I have also come to know and to be blessed by is how amazing it truly feels to love my Soul and embrace it each day as it embraces me. Our Soul is a part of us that few have ever really loved, and fewer still have come to know. As such it has caused many possibilities and opportunities to lay lifeless, when they were meant to be brought to Life through us, which has impeded much of our own evolution and liberation. Now we are tasked to reverse this as this cycle of time closes in less than six months.

All that is good and great awaits each one of us, if we are willing to listen to the still small voice that lovingly calls to us. The great Divine would have it no other way.

It was not a coincidence that just prior to leaving, I read a passage by an Anonymous Author. It said:

“Please grant us inward peace Dear God.” “My children,” it said, “that peace does truly pass all understanding. That peace no other can take from you. No one has the power to disturb that Peace, but you yourselves can let the world and its worries and distractions in, letting yourself disturb it.”

“You can give the entrance to fears and despondency, predictions and projections. You can open the door to the robber who breaks in upon you, and destroys your peace.”

“Set yourself this task Beloveds; to allow nothing to disturb your peace, your heart and soul’s calm, or your journey Home with Me.”

“Stop all work, stop all interaction with others until this task has taken precedence. Do not let those about you nor the work you have chosen spoil your peace of heart, soul and mind. Do not let it separate Us. Nurture your peace. Honor your heart. Listen to your Soul.

“When you come upon difficulty see it as a call to enable you to acquire peace as you approach the ending of this cycle. Every work, every interruption – connect yourself with Me to see that none of it touches the harmony of the real you that has been hidden for eons of time, though abides with Me, in the chamber of your heart.”

“Please come and stay for a while.”

It took me 6 days to really allow those words to weave their way into the depths of my being. It took uniting as One with the ocean for many days until the peace and deep reconnection to God stabilized within me, again. It took several friends and several leaping and cavorting dolphins on the day of the Solstice to bring forth the joy and laughter my Soul and the child within truly needed. On the seventh day I began a releasing that was so ancient and so deep in the bones of my bones, words fail. The crescendo of that day was two whales spouting and spraying as if in celebration with me. I deeply thanked God, my Soul and myself.

My priorities are in place and from here I can move forward, again.

Each day now, I take the “Breath of God” I have written below, and speak the prayer I have also written below. May it serve you, as well.


Take a deep, conscious, and steady breath of God in. See that breath filling your body with pure white rays of Love and of Light. Hold it consciously for three counts, and then breathe out any heavy energy from this day that doesn’t belong to you any longer. Feel it leaving. Let it go. Let it go. Feel yourself becoming lighter.

Take another deep, conscious, and steady breath of God in. See that breath filling your body with pure pink rays of Love and of Light. Hold it for three counts. Breathe out the part of the old you that has been discordant with yourself, impatient, judgmental and focused in the world external.

Feel all of those parts of yourself that do not serve you any longer leaving. Feel it, and let it go. (Do this as many times and with as many painful and archaic aspects of yourself as you feel are necessary.) Make this a part of your morning and evening ritual. Feel yourself becoming lighter. Feel yourself becoming yourself. Feel yourself truly connecting with who you really are, Divine One. Notice the shift in your vibration.

Take one more breath of God into the cells of your being. And see that breath enlivening and refreshing the cells in your body. Hold it for three counts, and consciously push out lifeless cells that don’t belong inside of your body any longer. Feel them leaving. Really feel them leaving. Feel yourself becoming lighter. You are becoming more of who you are. The Light. The Love. The Power of God. Notice how you feel. Notice the shift in your vibration.

Take one more breath of relief, and sigh it out.

Now, will you speak the following prayer in full consciousness:

Mother Father God, the magnificent Over-Light of My Light, I raise my consciousness up to your Holy Consciousness in order that I adorn myself with the peace that passes all understanding.

I ask that Your Love pour into my heart. I ask that Your Mind lay on top of mine.

Let both pierce the walls that have kept me restricted and tied to the human template. Let both pierce the illusions of safety, control and protection that have held me back from being all that I truly am.

Dear God, Let Your Heart and Your Mind dissolve the guilt, the shame, the blame, and the betrayals that I have impressed upon myself, or that another has impressed upon me in this and every lifetime, on all levels and bandwidths of my Creation.

Help me to leave my past stories, erroneous impressions and false beliefs behind and to stand on fertile ground, where your Heart and your Mind easily becomes mine. Guide me forward. Guide me upward. Guide me Home.

May the highest level of my Spirit come forth now and radiate the Light and the Love of my own God-Being.

On this day dear God, the Over-Light of my Light, I shall keep you close to me. I shall dwell in your comfort, your guidance and support, surrendering all else. On this day I shall honor my soul and abide in you, in peace.

And so it is…

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